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Ready to Blossom? Join us for a transformative retreat designed to elevate mind, body, and soul. Limited space for a personalized experience, our retreats on the mountainside promise joy, relaxation, rejuvenation, stimulation, and growth. Each itinerary blends yoga, meditation, excursions, cold plunge, sauna, massage, sound healing, workshops, culinary experiences, and performances. Expect a week of self-discovery, manifestation, relaxation, rejuvenation, and adventure.


Introducing Pasquale Guiducci, a distinguished yogi in the Los Angeles-based yoga community. With a passion for wellness and a dedication to the practice, Pasquale offers a variety of classes each week at top yoga studios in West Hollywood and surrounding areas. Having completed over 600 hours of combined yoga teacher trainings and taught thousands of classes, Pasquale brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to every session.


We are thrilled to have Pasquale leading the upcoming Flower Moon Retreat here on the mountainside. Join us for a transformative journey of wellness and joy, where you can immerse yourself in rejuvenating yoga practices and connect with nature’s beauty. Whether you’re seeking a 90-minute class or a weekend retreat, there is something for everyone.


Get in touch today to learn more about the scope of activities offered during the retreat. We are currently curating groups and would love to hear from you. Curious about upcoming events or online offerings? Fill out the form or contact us to discover the transformative experiences awaiting you at Blossom Sanctuary.


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Reconnect with Nature + Joy 

This property offers a secluded mountainside escape for guests with accommodations including Blossom House which features three beds and 1 bath nestled inside  4+ acres of lawns, gardens, trails, and wildlife habitats. ​The sanctuary sits at the base of Salmon (Etna) Mountain which is known to have one of the most captivating peaks in the Siskiyou region. Guests can journey less than 25 minutes by car from Blossom Sanctuary to the peak of the mountain where the Pacific Crest Trail connects the Klamath National Forest to the Marble Mountain Wilderness. Enjoy plunge pools, hiking, and more from the comfort of Blossom Sanctuary.

Relax, Rejuvenate,  Rejoice 


Enjoy a comfortable stay during your visit to Scott Valley where many of our guests are exploring this part of California's North for the first time. Others have made Blossom House their home during visits to friends and family.  As the cultivators of this space, we started with a simple vision: a naturally joyous space that lifts spirits, nurtures souls, and fosters fond memories.  We're all at different points in our journey, yet this mountainside has something to offer everyone. Our team is excited to bring people together in 2024. We encourage locals and visitors to inquire about hosting events in our picturesque gathering spaces here at the sanctuary featuring over 4 acres of well maintained gardens with wonderful views, comfortable accommodations, and professional services. Regardless of what brings you here we welcome you to relax and reconnect with yourself, friends, family, and nature.

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