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Discover the Delights of Farmhouse Bakery Etna: A Must-Visit Destination for Gourmet Treats

Updated: Feb 19

Who’s hungry? When visiting the pastoral mountains of  Scott Valley, California, (not to be confused with Scott’s Valley,) you will have a variety of local cuisine to choose from. We're here to tell you that Farmhouse Bakery should be high on your list. If you want to find the best breakfast in Siskiyou, we recommend starting here.  There’s nothing like waking up in the morning to enjoy a tasty spread of yummy food prepared by local artisans who take pride in the quality of their culinary creations. Coffee and breakfast lovers will be in heaven when they stroll through the doors of the recently renovated historic building that's now home to Farmhouse Bakery, a fantastic bread, pastry, and sandwich shop in Etna, California.

A delicious latte presented in front of the doors of the Etna based shop.
Coffee at Farmhouse

The quaint city of Etna was forever changed in 2019 when FarmHouse Bakery opened the doors to the community. The launch of this enterprise made Etna the welcoming home of a thoughtful and vibrant business that you might expect to find in a charming hallmark movie. The menu is small but mighty and there are no bad choices. A favorite amongst locals is the frittata breakfast sandwich that is crafted with love using farm fresh eggs, sausage, and cheese. For our plant centric friends we highly recommend enjoying the vegetable frittata featuring perfectly seasoned roasted bell peppers. Regardless, the masterpiece will be served on a house made focaccia that might just change your life. Please be warned, while this sandwich will undoubtedly' hit the spot, it’s a challenge for anyone to refrain from ordering at least a few fresh pastries. Don’t blame yourself if you walk out with a box full of assorted treats - specifically the kouign-amann. Seriously we must caution you -  these pastries are known to cause cravings. Coffee lovers, please don’t worry, there is a full espresso station behind the counter and your coffee cravings will be satisfied here.  Plant based milks are available. 

Delicious pastries baking.
Fresh pastries ready to slide into the oven

The excellence doesn’t stop with delicious breakfast. This treasured bakery has you covered for a casual yet extraordinary meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. One  thing we love about FarmHouse is the carefully curated sandwich of the day. The kitchen offers a specialty sandwich that varies each day offering patrons a variety of seasonal flavors and allowing the culinary team to provide meticulously crafted meals that easily compete with any beloved cafe in San Francisco or Los Angeles. If you’re craving breakfast for lunch or dinner you can typically order a breakfast sandwich any time of day. There are a few more delicious secrets we encourage you to discover when you arrive. Did somebody say ham & cheddar biscuit?  You’re going to want to ask the cashier about this. It’s hard to describe the magic without experiencing it for yourself, but a meal at Farmhouse bakery always evokes a little more joy than expected and we suggest you FAFO, (fool around and find out.)

Hand crafted sandwich featuring turkey, micro greens, house made bread, and more.
A sandwich of the day waiting to be eaten.

There are two more unique attributes at Farmhouse bakery that set the space apart from other local offerings. Amongst the team at Farmhouse is evidently some youthful energy that has us feeling extra grateful. As if the rest of the deliciousness wasn’t  enough, the bright minds of this bakery bless guests with kombucha on tap and a full on ice cream window with a variety of dairy and plant based options. Yes it is worth planning an entire day or even a weekend trip to Etna to taste the glory. Slow down and live on the joyous side. We're talking date spot, family adventure, friendly meet up, or solo adventure. Why not? There are sweet and savory treats just waiting for you to bite into at Farmhouse bakery.

The coffee and breakfast sandwich that just might change your life.
The breakfast sandwich you don't want to miss.

So yes - it's safe to say that the food here is outstanding and loved by locals and tourists alike. Shout out to the leaders at Farmhouse who are committed to fostering a wholesome and restorative environment for their entire team. Many of the bakers, baristas, and cashiers are affiliated with the Scott Valley based Rockside Ranch, a non-profit organization that focuses on what their website describes as “life restoration.” It feels great to be greeted by friendly faces serving delicious food that’s crafted with care. If you’re in Etna, Ca, (or Siskiyou in general,) we strongly suggest exploring the menu at Farmhouse Bakery. This local gem is open from 6:30am to 9pm Tuesday - Saturday. Please check out their website to explore the menu and learn more.

Learn more directly at the Farmhouse website:

Written by Colton Dickinson

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